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May 11, 2021 / By: Karibu / Teme: sustainable profile coffee project, higher purchase coffee price

Sustainable profile coffees – what makes it different from other coffees?

New month brings a new coffee roastery in our shop. We present you a famous roastery from Copenhagen, April coffee. Our coffee subscribers will enjoy in these coffees first. Due to COVID situation, we have been passing through certain difficulties in roasting and transport of these coffees which unfortuantely led in delivery delay. Nonetheless, giving up from this coffee was not an option! We hope you will also soon enjoy in this specialty coffee roastery from Copenhagen.

What makes these coffees even more special? They call it sustainable profile coffees or one farmer, one roaster, one coffee. Sustainable Profile is about growing together with coffee producers. This is achieved through open and honest conversations with them. If you ask, most producers would tell you that they are looking for partners that can purchase a wide range of their coffees - not just the micro - and nano lots.

This project started after owner of April coffee spent a weekend together with Alejo Castro from Volcán Azul, Costa Rica. During that time they discussed what value April Coffee Roasters generates to him as a farmer (until then they have been buying his micro-lots for two years). The conclusion was that a Coffee Roaster that only buys a few small micro-lots doesn't make much of a difference.

It’s focused on purchasing larger lots from the producers from which April coffee raostery already purchase small April lots. In this way, they create more value for the farmer and make sure to get the highest quality coffee in volumes that allow you to enjoy the same coffee all year round.

April coffee roastery never leverage their partner farmers to support their growth, by asking them for lower prices. Instead, they let the farmer tell them what price they want - from that they do an evaluation of the coffee making sure it correlates with quality standards. The coffee is roasted in Copenhagen, consistently producing a balanced and sweet profile with an impressively high flavour intensity.

The result is a coffee in which the focus is on sweetness, body as well as clear and distinct flavour notes.The roast level is medium providing the coffee with a very balanced flavour structure, a well integrated acidity, and sweet and clear flavour notes.

If you are interested in more information about this project, please klick here.

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