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April 13, 2021 / By: Karibu / Teme: coffee from Rwanda, direct trade, Belgium roastery

Coffee from land of a thousand hills, coffee from Rwanda

African coffee that we drink usually comes from Ethiopia or Kenya, what about coffee from Rwanda?

German missionaries first brought coffee to Rwanda in 1904, but the country did not produce enough to begin exports until 1917. After World War I, the League of Nations Mandate stripped Germany of its colonial rule over Rwanda, and handed it to the Belgians. This is why, historically, most of Rwanda's coffee has been exported to Belgium.

Our story also brings a connection on direct trade between a coffee farm from Rwanda and coffee roaster from Belgium.

Coffee was to become a symbol of positivity as Rwanda got back on its feet following the genocide in the early 90's. As foreign aid and interest streamed into the country, there was a strong focus on the coffee sector. Washing stations were built and there was a determined drive towards producing higher-quality coffee. The government took a more open approach to the coffee trade, and specialty coffee buyers from around the world have shown a strong interest in the country's coffees.

Rwanda is the only African country to have hosted a Cup of Excellence competition, a project to find the very best lots and to bring them to market through an online auction system

Coffee that you can find on our web shop or through monthly subscription comes from Huye region, South of Rwanda, Simbi washing station, close to the border with Burundi.

OR coffee roastery has been buying Rwandan coffee from Abdoul for quite some time. A few years ago he took a plane to Belgium and came to introduce himself (out of the blue!). Everybody was very surprised but after talking to him, and cupping his samples, the stuff of OR coffee roastery was blown away by his amazing coffee. A few months later Tom, the owner of the roastery, went to visit Abdoul in Rwanda and that’s when they started buying coffee from him. This coffee comes from the Simbi washing station and is a bourbon coffee.

This is a unique opportunity to taste coffee from Rwanda that you will not be able to try anywhere except in Karibu Kaaawa, Belgium and Japan. This coffee is roasted for filter and it's an amazing flavour bomb! Very spicy with hints of orange and a high acidity.

Enjoy your coffee

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