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Payment and delivery


Payment methods:

In case payment is not completed within 24 hours but later, we will send you the chosen product if available at that time. If not available, we will offer you alternative but available product. If customer (hereinafter: "Customer"), does not accept alternative product, Arabica Gang will return to Customer a total amount paid decreased for bank transaction cost.

Our three months and annual Subscription should be paid up in advance within 24 hours from its order. Monthly subscription is charged on monthly basis (until revoked).

Our prices doesen't include Croatian VAT. According to Article 90. Zakona o porezu na dodanu vrijednost (NN 33/23) Arabica Gang, joint craft for trade is not registered for VAT. You should receive an invoice after the payment.


Once the payment is visiable on our account, we will commence with delivery process.

Please note that delivery is available within Croatia only. We use MBE A10 d.o.o., for package delivery (hereinafter:"MBE" or "Delivery carrier"). Monday to Friday are working days. Product delivery will be completed within 7 working days following the payment moment.

Our subscribers can expect their monthly coffee package will be sent to them within first 10 days of specific month.

Arabica Gang will not be responsible for eventual changes in any delivery schedule.

MBE will inform you about delivery time via SMS or by e-mail. In case of unsuccessful delivery, MBE will leave you a note and leave the package at nearest post office where will be stored for next 5 working days. If you do not react in this period, the package will be returned to us.

In case Customer do not recieve the package or the note (of unsuccesful delivery) in expected period, Customer should inform us in order to try locate the package or send the alternative one.

Delivery of individual coffee and monthly subscription is 4.00 euros. All orders above EUR 40.00 (within the whole of Croatia), except coffee subscriptions, are delivered free of charge. Delivery of the monthly subscription in Rijeka and Zagreb is free. The delivery of the three-month subscription is reduced by 33% and amounts to 8.00 euros, while the delivery of the annual subscription is reduced by 50% and amounts to 24.00 euros!

If Customer refuses to accept the product that has been ordered and paid, even though being in proper condition, Arabica Gang keeps the right to charge the Customer additionaly with the package transfer back fee.

The delivery is performed under the terms and conditions prescribed by MBE and it is considered to be completed once given to Customer. We cannot effect on the time of delivery or possible complications that might happen during delivery handeled by MBE. Customer should confirm the receipt of the package by signing delivery list.