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May 20, 2021 / By: Karibu / Teme: pretplati se na kavu, kava i knjiga, poklon paketi

Order your coffee subscription and get an inspiring book

Our web shop is celebrating its second birthday soon. The flagship of our website is Coffee subscription. We decided to refresh it with a new outfit and pair our Coffee subscription with book.

You won't hear anything new when we say that books and coffee are a perfect match. Books and coffee go together like popcorn and movies. Books and coffee take us to different worlds and we find comfort in them.

Karibu Kaaawa is a team of not only passionate coffee lovers but also even more passionate travel addicts who, like many others this year, are stuck in their home countries and are banned from travels. We have therefore tried to show you the world through the stories of coffee that we get each month from different roastery and different country. Storytelling through coffees however didn't satisfied our passion for travels so we decided to feel your cups with more travelling and stories and that's why we've brought you books - to spread your horizons even further.

We have decided to offer our web shop platform to small independent publishers and second-hand bookstores and their books will join our Coffee Subscription offer.

As we hereby present something new, different and unusual, we will answer some of your questions through a short conversation (FAQ) between Coffee Subscriptions and Book.

Coffee subscription: Hello book, I'm looking forward to our collaboration. Would people judge us? Aren't we a bit strange couple?

Book: Come on, we are a super hybrid! Everybody would be amazed with a bit of freshly roasted coffee and inspiring book. It's an ideal gift for everyone and I expect only positive feedback. Besides, I only come in a quarterly and annual pack subscriptions. Those who don't like me, let them order a monthly subscription ... hah had hah

Coffee subscription: What exactly can subscribers expect in this package?

Book: Delicious coffee and good book. After that, we'll see if magic happens.

Here are more details on coffee and books subsription - those who opt for Quarterly subscription can choose one of the three offered books while ordering (book selection is optional, Quarterly coffee subscription can still be exclusively coffee), and Annual subscribers get gratis book as a gift.

Coffee subscription: What types of book will be offered?

Book: We will always offer three titles (different genres). Our goal is to open our web platform to small publishers who don't have their own webshops. We would like to increase their visibility. In addition, we want to cooperate with second-hand bookstores. We want to encourage the purchase of used books and thus promote the environmental aspect of the economy. Of course, we also expect our web customers to suggest genre and publishing houses they like so we could contact those book stores.

Coffee subscription: Whoww, I'm already thrilled. My excitement grows. I look forward to our common journeys. May I ask one more question - when are we starting our first adventure? Is our web platform ready for this coffee and book madness?

Book: Everything is ready, visit the website, choose Quarterly or Annual subscription and pick your first book from the brand "Čitaj knjigu".

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