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Privacy policy

This General notice on personal data processing (hereinafter: "General notice") is issued by Arabica Gang, joint craft for trade, owners Antonela Bokan i Igor Ikač, Betina, Zdraće 39, MBS: 98530798 (hereinafter: „Arabica Gang“ ili „We“). helds a position of personal data processing head.

This General Notice regulates protection of your personal information as well as your privacy if you are our customer or subscriber, business partner, if you are interested in doing business with us or if you are a visitor to our website or Facebook page or Instagram profile (hereinafter: "You"). This General Notice applies to natural persons and their personal data only.

This version of General Notice shall apply from 21 January 2020. The previously published Privacy Policy shall cease to apply upon the application of this General Notice. In case of any questions or requests regarding the handling or protection of your personal data, please contact us at info@karibukaaawa.com.

On-line customers and subscribers

We process personal data collected from your on-line orders (single product or subscription), ie. the following data:

We process personal data for the following:

Users giving suggestions, asking questions or filing objections

We process personal information collected in your suggestions, questions or objections sent us by email, via forms on our website, via Facebook page, Instagram profile or in writing,i.e. the following information:

We process your personal data due to following:

Book venue

We process personal information provided to us as well as those we have collected when establishing our business relationship, including information collected through a form on our website,i.e. following information:

We process your personal data due to following:

Our business partners

We process personal information provided by you as well as those we have collected when establishing our business relationship, including information collected through forms on our website, i.e. the following information:

We process your personal data due to the following:

Participants of our giveaways, surveys and questionaires

We process your personal data provided to us when applying for our giveaways, data you gave us during prize receipt as well as data you voluntarily provided to us in surveys and questionnaires about quality and offer of our products and subscriptions (depending on the case it may be one or more of the following personal data):

We process your personal data due to the following:

Facebook page and Instagram account users

If you are Facebook or Instagram user and have visited our Facebook page or Instagram account, Facebook Ireland Ltd (4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbor, Dublin 2 Ireland) and Arabica Gang are joint managers of your personal data processing.

Facebook or Instagram processes your personal data as a visitor to our Facebook page or Instagram account in accordance with its rules (more on this at https://hr-hr.facebook.com/privacy/explanation), while our affect is through indication which groups of Facebook or Instagram users (for example by age, gender or similar) are of business interest to us.

We are responsible for all our posts and messages via Facebook or Instagram. Facebook or Instagram was not involved inprocess or consulted before the individual post / message. Facebook or Instagram does not necessarily share our views, vision, etc., which arise from our posts / messages.

From Facebook or Instagram, we receive user data exclusively on a statistical, for us anonymized, basis. If you have left a comment, query or like our Facebook page or Instagram profile, we will not store or process your data separately.

Using cookies

In order to facilitate browsing of our website, our global network server uses so-called cookies. These are very small text files that server places on the user's computer in order to provide quality service and content of the page (eg. cookies store the selection of language version selected by the user, username and password status, etc.). Cookies cannot be used to run programs or install viruses on your computer.

Cookies set by our internet server are automatically deleted from your computer at the end of the session, i.e. the moment you leave our site. Browsing our pages is also possible without the use of cookies, if your internet browser is set up in this way.

If you want to disable the storage of cookies on your computer, it is possible. To turn off cookies, you need to configure your browser settings and configurations. In the browser menu, select help and cookie information and follow the instructions.
You can also manage cookies on the following page: http://www.youronlinechoices.com/hr/.

Who has access to you personal data?

We consider your personal data as business secret an, as such, we protect them in accordance with applicable legal regulations and our best practice.

We provide third parties with the access and to process your personal data only in below situations:

Do we transfer your personal data to third countries?

No, your personal data would not be transferred to third countries and within EU.

How do we protect your personal information?

Your personal data protection is extremely important to us. Some of measures are below:

Retention period

If statutory retention period is prescribed, we store your data during that period (for example, one year is for consumer complaints, 11 years for accounting documents) and delete it after additonal one year has passed.

If you are our business partner for which there is no defined legal retention period, we hold it for the entire period of contract validity. Upon termination of the contract, we delete your data within an additional period of 6 years from the termination of the contract (statute of limitations of 5 years, increased by 1 year period for deletion).

We retain personal data that we process based on your consent as long as we have your consent. In case of withdrawal of consent, we delete it as soon as possible.

We store personal data that we process on the basis of our legitimate interest as long as our legitimate interest exists and delete it within a period of 1 year from the termination of our legitimate interest.

Your rights

In case you have decided to exercise one or more of your rights below, Arabica Gang has a right to verify your identity.
In general, you can exercise your rights free of charge. However, if you frequently (for example, less than 6 months have passed since your last request) or excessively (for example, requesting all your personal information in writing) request access to or transfer of your personal information, Arabica Gang has right to ask you to compensate costs before carrying out such action.

You can exercise your rights by sending your request to info@karibukaaawa.com with "Respondent's request" as subject of the message. In the message itself, you should indicate which right you want to use or what is the subject of your request. Upon receipt of the message, we will send you notice that we have received your request.

Below we state your rights: