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About Us

Have you tried our specialty coffee from small European roasteries? On our web shop, you can order the finest Arabica coffee and try coffee subscription, your wishes we'll deliver to your doorstep.

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About us

Our journey to a coffee farm in Africa was a wake-up call for our own business idea. We tasted African coffee and made our idea come true. We want to introduce you to the world of fruity notes of coffee plant so you could enjoy every cup of coffee!

We are Ivana and Ana, we want to empower women entrepreneurs and to spread the idea of specialty coffee.

Ivana – a former tax consultant, forest and mountain lover. She usually drinks her morning coffee prepared in aeropess (Kenya or Guatemala, washed).

Ana – a former EU funds consultant, ,,everything-French” lover. She brings her French press on her every journey and she often drinks Ethiopia, natural, or Rwanda/Burundi.

In 2023, our brand was taken over by Antonela and Igor, a librarian and a lawyer who ran away from office jobs and turned their passionate hospitality hobbies into a business.

Antonela - a librarian, bartender, barista and rising astrologer who reads birth charts in her spare time, holds reading workshops with young people and enjoys quality coffee beans. She prefers filter coffee, because she can feel flavors better, and reminds her of tea, which is also her favorite drink.

Igor - lawyer, bartender, admirer of nature and society with a good intuition for entrepreneurship, does not start the day without an espresso, and the night without an espresso martini. Curious to try new flavors, he cannot choose the most favorite one.

Our brand Karibu Kaaawa was born in 2017, as well as our coffee shop in Zagreb, in the neighborhood of Trešnjevka (Cherry town), which closed in June 2022. After closing we continued our business online. Our goal is to promote roasted coffee beans from small European roasteries and make specialty coffee more available in Croatia and the region.

Our web shop (or coffeestore) is the first in Croatia and the region who offer different kinds of arabica coffee coming from small European roasteries. All those different coffees that are prepared in coffee shops on an espresso machine, you can prepare at home. The same beans you can use for home made brewing either as turkish coffee, in mocca coffee maker or French Press, or on your espresso machine. We'll be happy to give you feedback on all coffees we offer on-line before we send it to you.