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About Us

We bring you the best arabica coffee roasted in different small European roasteries. Order your coffee on-line or come to taste it in our coffee shop!

About us

Our journey to a coffee farm in Africa was a wake-up call for our own business idea. We tasted African coffee and made our idea come true. We want to introduce you to the world of fruity notes of coffee plant so you could enjoy every cup of coffee!

We are Ivana and Ana, we want to empower women entrepreneurs and to spread the idea of specialty coffee.

Ivana – a former tax consultant, forest and mountain lover. She usually drinks her morning coffee prepared in aeropess (Kenya or Guatemala, washed).

Ana – a former EU funds consultant, ,,everything-French” lover. She brings her French press on her every journey and she often drinks Ethiopia, natural, or Rwanda/Burundi.

Our brand Karibu Kaaawa was born in 2017, as well as our coffee shop in Zagreb, in the neighborhood of Trešnjevka (cherry town). Our goal is to promote roasted coffee beans from small European roasteries and make specialty coffee more available in Croatia and the region of Europe where we live.

Our coffee shop is a great place where you can taste different kinds of arabica coffee coming from small European roasteries and web shop being the first platform of this kind in our region. We want to find and taste the best coffee from different sources so you could try them in our coffee shop or ordering them through our web shop.