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June 12, 2020 / By: Karibu / Teme: Mala škola za velike ljubitelje kave

5. chapter. French press.

Dear readers, we continue with our school. We have already gone through a lot of interesting topics and methods of brewing coffee. Today we will continue with the preparation of the French press. We believe there are many of you who do not really know what this is about, but let us explain this you.

Abroad, the French press method is a very popular way of making coffee. Many people prepare it at home because it is a very simple way of preparation. It reminds us on brewing tea process. And since French press coffee is ground very coarsely, it even resembles granulation of tea. Now you’re wondering how does it all actually work!? So, let's start.

The ratio used is 1:18, larger than the ratio for the V60 (the topic of our previous chapter), which is 75g / 1L. As with any preparation we mentioned before, we start with grinding coffee, weighing it and placing everything on the scale to match the perfect ratio. As in cake recipes, these ratios are quite important if you want to drink a very fine cup of coffee.

It is necessary to pour hot water into the French press. This principle is similar to the preparation of V60, which means that the ideal temperature is around 96 degrees. If you boil water in an ordinary kettle, when the water boils, leave it away for about twenty seconds and the temperature will just drop to 96 degrees. Pour hot water over the coffee, making sure that all the coffee is soaked so that the coffee extraction can be carried out evenly.

Leave the coffee for 4 minutes. During this time the coffee crust will appear. When 4 minutes passes, stir the crust so that most of the particles fall to the bottom. Pick up what is left on top with a spoon and discard. Now leave the coffee for another 5 minutes. No worries, it won't freeze, it would be too hot for you now anyway. During this period most of the particles will fall to the bottom, extraction will continue to be carried out and it will result in a full and rich coffee flavor. Now put the lid on, but don't press (that would only stir up the coffee ground). Now slowly pour out all the coffee you have prepared. This interrupts the extraction and separates the beverage from the coffee ground. The richer and fuller taste of coffee is due to the preparation of coffee without any filter. Some say you will either adore or hate the French press. Let us know which side you are on! Keep us posted!

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