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September 08, 2021 / By: Karibu / Teme: pretplata na kavu, specialty coffee, pržionice

These are coffee roasteries that have been part of the Karibu Kaaawa coffee subscription so far

Coffee subscription is a well-accepted concept in the world, while it is almost completely unknown in our region. That’s why for almost two years now, we at Karibu Kaaawa have been delivering coffee to our subscribers at the beginning of each month. There are some coffee subscriptions organized by one coffee roastery what means that the subscriber always gets coffee from that roastery. The other type of subscription assumes that the customer each month gets coffee beans (or ground) to its door (home or at work) produced by different coffee roasters.

Karibu Kaaawa offers a coffee subscription consists of various European coffee roasters. In other words, every month you will receive coffee from another European specialty coffee roaster. How much do you know about specialty coffee roasteries? Are you familiar with any coffee brands? What are your favorite coffee roasters?

Below are some interesting facts about coffee roasteries that we have included in Karibu Kaaawa coffee subscription:

1.Fjord Coffee from Berlin

Fjord coffee roastery has a special place on our list. Morgan, one of the founders of the Fjord Coffee roastery in Berlin and the main roaster Mihael, were special guests and presenters at Karibu Coffee Fest in 2019, a multi-day event during which we tasted coffee, did a bike tour to several coffee roasteries and coffee shops in Zagreb and had some coffee-based conversations.

Fjord Coffee brand is the result of the collaboration of two previously unrelated brands, Father Carpenter and Silo Coffee Roasters. Besides the quality of their coffee, which you have praised us many times, Fjord Coffee stands out with the design of its coffee packaging.

2.Flying Roasters from Berlin

Nadine, one of a few female forces in the coffee world, has hosted us on several occasions at the Flying Roasters coffee shop and roastery in Berlin. This Berlin roastery is one of the few coffee roasteries that can boast an organic certificate of their coffees awarded by the European Union.

Flying Roasters is part of the Roasters United association, which procures green coffee exclusively directly from coffee farmers. Each member of this Association is in charge of quality control of one of the coffee farms. So, Nadine from Flying Roasters is in charge of the Cenfrocafe cooperative from Peru.

3.Man vs. Machine Coffee from Munich

There is probably no one who enjoys specialty coffee has missed to stop by in Man Vs. Machine coffee shop during his stay in Munich. The famous crocodile-shaped logo was created by American designer Jon Contino.

All coffees in their offer have quality ratings of 80+. You can also drink their coffee in some European Michelin-starred restaurants.

4. Father's Coffee from Ostrava

Take a look at a coffee bag of this roastery and you will know the whole story of the Father’s Coffee business. A small family business from the Czech Ostrava. Dad is the main roaster, mom is responsible for coffee tasting and maintaining the quality, and the children that observe and grow up in a specialty coffee world. The roastery is located in their family house which is a former old castle.

Definitely one of the best coffee bag designs according to our customer reviews. Mara, a photographer, and social media manager visited us recently in Zagreb, so we had the opportunity to meet him. Hopefully, we will be able to visit Ostrava soon and enjoy this interesting coffee family story in live.

5. Awaken Coffee from Tata

From a small town in the north of Hungary, Tata, comes Awaken Coffee roastery. Their coffees always come in four categories: classic, elegant, explorer, and extravagant depending on the quality of green coffee. Adam Doboš, owner and chief roaster is always ready to explain the differences between each of these individual categories of coffee.

So far, we have surprised our subscribers with coffees from the Awaken roastery twice.

6. April Coffee from Copenhagen

From faraway Copenhagen comes the world-famousApril Coffee roastery, whose coffees we had the opportunity to enjoy recently. This coffee roastery participates in the Sustainability project – 1 farmer, 1 roaster, 1 coffee (we already covered this theme). The coffee is certainly of the highest quality, but, unfortunately, their prices are extremely high, which makes them quite inaccessible to the Croatian market.

Since this coffee is roasted in the Nordic country where coffee is mostly prepared as a filter coffee, all their coffees are lightly roasted.

7.Casino Mocca from Budapest

The Casino Mocca roastery in Budapest is one of the first whose coffees we tried in the Karibu Kaaawa coffee shop. Among each coffee bag, you will find a card with coffee basic information - coffee variety, farm and region from which the coffee comes, the process of obtaining coffee, and some interesting facts about the coffee itself. This is one of the most famous Hungarian roasteries and we are happy to work with them, and our guests praise these coffees.

This is one of th famous Hungarian coffee roasteries and we are happy to work with them, and our guests praise their coffees.

8.Sloane Coffee from Bucharest

So far the coffee of famous Romanian coffee roastery Sloane Coffee has been included in Karibu Kaaawa coffee subscription several times. This roastery is located in the capital of Romania, Bucharest. The owner of this roastery is Teodora Pitisti, a coffee lover and one of two people in Romania who holds an SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) certificate as Q grader.

The roastery won a high second place in the world coffee roasting competition.

9.Roesterei Vier from Dusseldorf

Vier Roesterei is a roastery from Dusseldorf owned by a Pole, Mateusz Petlinski. This roastery brought to Karibu Kaaawa a coffee from Yemen for the first time. In extremely rare moments, coffee from Yemen can be found in European roasters. Thanks to Vier Roesterei, we had that opportunity! Needless to say, the bags disappeared from our shelves in record time.

We are arranging some new collaborations with Vier Roesterei that are not closely related to coffee. We will soon write about this new collaboration on our blog.

10.Kolonel Coffee from Antwerp

Kobe, the owner and chief roaster of the Belgian coffee roastery Kolonel based in Antwerp, hosted us during our visit to Belgium in 2018. Back then, they were a small roastery with one coffee shop in a hidden square in Antwerp. In the meantime, they have opened another place to enjoy specialty coffee and food in Antwerp and have increased coffee palate.

We will definitely be enjoying Kolonel Coffee again soon!

11.OR Coffee from Westrem

When we planned our visit to the coffee roasteries in Belgium, we did detailed research about the specialty coffee community in Belgium. Among the first to stand out was OR coffee, a roastery from Westrem, a small town located near Brussels. We immediately contacted Tom, the owner, and announced our arrival. We didn’t know then that OR Coffee was, in fact, the largest specialty coffee roastery in Belgium with a larger number of coffee shops across Belgium.

We gladly remember our visit to the OR roastery because we met the owners and the whole team. They showed us the process of roasting coffee. We did a coffee tasting together and talked about the business of this roastery.

This roastery procures most of the coffee directly from the farmers, and Tom regularly visits the farms and negotiates the purchase of green coffee.

12.KaffeeKirsche from Berlin

Accidentally we came across the KaffeeKirsche specialty coffee shop when we were at the Berlin World of Coffee Festival in 2019. Before we even tried their coffees, we were first won over by the interior design of their coffee shops.

The concept of specialty coffee is complemented by the top design of coffee packaging and interior of their shops, as well as an excellent offer of sweets.

13. Kava Family from Split

What does it look like when a world-famous wedding photographer enters the world of specialty coffee? The answer is Kava Family, a coffee roastery in Split started by Marko Marinković together with his girlfriend Ivana. They first opened a coffee shop on Hvar and then in Split. However, they are so good that their coffee greatly crosses the borders of Croatia.

14.Roeststaette from Berlin

We visited the Roestataette roastery during our visit to Berlin in 2019. What it looks like when a Bosnian man and a German woman make a business, the answer is this specialty coffee roastery and a beautiful coffee shop interior design in the center of Berlin.

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