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You should stop by Karibu Kaaawa! Do you know why!?

Karibu Kaaawa is a coffee shop, opened in December 2017. near the park "Stara Trešnjevka", in the west side of Zagreb. We've brought vividness in this neighborhood of Zagreb. Our address is Ozaljska 34, and our coffee shop is hidden from the noise and traffic, so you can enjoy your coffee peacefully.

Karibu Kahawa in Swahili means “enjoy your coffee” and while we were visiting the coffee farms in Tanzania in 2016., we came up with the idea of our brand name.

Once you enter our coffee shop, you will feel a pleasant atmosphere, smell of freshly ground coffee, sounds of jazz music and you'll see handmade and colorful furniture. Some interior details are made by the students from the School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb, while sitting pieces of furniture are made mostly of wood (pine) by a local carpenter. Other pieces of interior are bought in the second hand shops in Zagreb, and then we rearranged and painted them by ourselves.

All the walls in coffee shop are used as an exhibition space where we present different artists and tell the stories related to coffee, art and entrepreneurship.

What we got from the interior in the end is a bright space, full of interesting artistic details and an air dominated by freshly ground coffee and good music vibes.

Our coffee shop is made of three levels, the main space around the bar, a small gallery overlooking the main space and a basement that in a moment can be transformed from a seating area into a space for lectures and workshops. All the shelves are filled with books, magazines and plants.

The most interesting part is certainly the terrace, which is full of life and events all around the year. Our guests who are mostly designers, architectects, artists, lawyers, and alike, share love for coffee, meet here daily and exchange information and knowledge.

We mostly serve espresso, blend or "single origin" coffee. You can also try different filter coffee (French press or V60). And we prepare coffee with different milks, including soy and almond milk.

You are welcome to taste our coffee and feel the atmosphere in our coffee shop.


Ozaljska 34

Radno vrijeme

Mon-Fri 8.30-20.00
Saturday 8.30-15.00
Sunday 8.30-14.00

Stop by for a coffee&cake ☕